Vaperia collaborates with the well-known company Dekang, founded in 2003, a company that is involved in numerous research and development projects. In order to satisfy the clients from Romania by offering efficient and fast services, the company has established a headquarters in Bucharest since 2012. The fruitful collaboration between Vaperia and Dekang has led to the realization of premium ranges of e-liquids and base: Smith & Blawkins, Quinn's Blend, QB Mix Line.

Our ranges use the most expensive and pure ingredients as well as the highest quality European nicotine. Our aromas come from natural extracts, which means that they are not obtained from chemical crossings.

The factory where our ranges are produced is technically and technologically advanced and has invested approximately $ 2,000,000 in innovation, machinery, automated systems and production laboratories. The factory located in Bucharest, represents one of the first three factories in the world of e-liquid and base, producing at the highest European standards, with a production capacity of over 100,000 bottles per day.

The laboratories in which our ranges are produced are equipped with equipment specially designed to remove any traces of dust or impurities. Employees involved in the direct manufacture of liquids and bases are subjected to an air-shower, a procedure created to remove dust, fibrous dust and other contaminants. The procedure is mandatory before entering clean environments and reduces the number of particles introduced into the air.

Personnel in production laboratories using disinfected and sterilized equipment. The raw materials used were tested by national certification institutions, which certified that they can be used in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. Raw materials as well as final products are rigorously inspected by an experienced quality control team. It is important to mention that our laboratories comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

The transport is ensured through a series of pipes, in order to avoid a further deterioration of the quality of the raw materials.The basic components, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, are of the highest quality, have a high purity and are produced by the well-known company DOW Malaysia. To produce according to European standards, our e-liquids are bottled in UV-protected bottles, which do not allow sunlight to penetrate and modify the properties of e-liquid compounds.

Our ranges do not use diacetyl (an aroma additive that is a substantially very dangerous acetone derivative) and do not use alcohol.Our products do not contain water. Water is not a harmful compound, but its appearance in the composition of liquids can generate drops of hot liquid in the oral cavity during vaping. These three compounds (diacetyl, alcohol, water), once introduced into an e-liquid, can lead to a much lower production cost than an e-liquid produced without them. A cheap thing, in this case, does not mean a good thing! The client's health is much more important!

Our products have received German TUV (Technischer Uberwachungsverein) certification, which certifies that they meet the standards set in the European market.

Vaperia also complies with the new directives imposed in the electronic cigarette industry TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). It invites you to discover our ranges, obtained through a lot of work, professionalism and dedication to the needs of our clients.

Years of Dedication